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The Artist Tree Studio Student Art Contest is open to students in grades PreK-12 attending public, private or home schools within a 30-mile radius of 604 W. French Ave, Temple, TX 76501.

Theme: Dream 

Next year’s art contest theme, Dream, is inspired by Aaron Becker’s picture book trilogy, Journey. In his 3 book series, Journey, Quest, and Return, Becker takes viewers on a visual adventure through an imaginary land. Because the books are wordless, the viewer can use his/her imagination to tell the story in their own way. The Dream theme encourages students to tell a visual story through their submission.  Becker’s trilogy will be on display in the studio and entrants are welcome to come in an peruse the stories for inspiration.

The 1st Annual Artist Tree Studio Student Art Contest, Dream, encourages students to weave together an artistic composition that answers the question, "What Do I Dream About?"

Awards and Divisions 
Students compete in four divisions for awards:

Division A: PreK-2                            Division C: Grades 6-8
Division B: Grades 3-5                     Division D: Grades 9-12

Winning artists, along with their families and teachers, will be invited to an awards ceremony to celebrate (date TBD).

In each division awards are as follows:

1st place: An award certificate, a Hobby Lobby gift card, three months of free art classes at Artist Tree Studio, and 2 tickets to see Grupo Fantasma at the CAC on August 20th with a family member.
2nd place: An award certificate, a Hobby Lobby gift card and two months of free art classes at Artist Tree Studio
3rd place: An award certificate, a Hobby Lobby gift card and one month of free art classes at Artist Tree Studio
4th-10th places: An award certificate

All 40 winners will be a part of an art exhibition that will travel throughout Temple, TX for 4 months.

Awards are sponsored by the CEO Youth League and Cultivate Events and Enrichment.

Important Dates
   *Contest Registration (fill out form below): TBD
   *Artwork Submission: TBD
   *Final Deadline for Submissions: TBD
   *Student Art Winners Announced: TBD
   *Awards Ceremony: TBD
   *Winning Student Art Exhibits: TBD
   *Winning Art Pick-up: TBD

Judging Criteria 
Entries will be judged on interpretation of the theme, creativity and originality, and quality. Specifically, judges will consider the following:
    *Does the artwork relate to the contest’s theme? Does the artist convey the theme clearly?
      Is the theme presented in a unique way? Is it original?
    *Does the artwork provide evidence of creativity and individuality? Is the result distinctive? Does it leave 
      an impression?
    *Did the artist effectively compose and organize the elements and principles of art? Is the artwork
      aesthetically pleasing?
    *Does the artwork show evidence of a mastery of the tools and techniques utilized? Are the use of tools
      and techniques well executed?

Entry Guidelines 
    *Students in grades PreK-12 attending any public, private, charter, or home school within a 30-mile 
      radius of Artist Tree Studio are eligible to enter.
    *Artwork of any medium is accepted.

    *Art must be no larger than 16x20 inches.
    *Artwork must be completed in 2022.
    *Artwork must be completely dry/cured. Chalk and pastel submissions must be sprayed with fixative.
    *Artwork must be unsigned.
    *Artists may only submit one entry. Group art projects and collective efforts are not eligible.

Submitting Artwork
IMPORTANT: All contestants must complete and submit an online Student Art Contest Registration Form. 

A $10 registration fee is due at submission.

Students entering artwork in Divisions C and D have the option of submitting an artist statement, not to exceed 250 words. Artist statements are highly encouraged in those divisions.

Artwork with completed forms can be submitted to the home of Tiffany Rhodes, 604 W. French Ave. Temple, TX 76501 (dates TBD).

To schedule an earlier day and time, email with subject line ART CONTEST SUBMISSION.

Submissions are due no later than (date TBD).

1st Annual Artist Tree Studio
Student Art Contest, Spring 2023

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