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Welcome to Artist Tree Studio!


Hello! Our passion at Artist Tree Studio is to help kids and adults alike fall in love with art and discover the artist within! We explore all art styles, histories, and mediums using quality materials, and we allow ample time for exploration and growth. At the studio, you will find easy access to everything you need, including instruction from expert artists, to help you on your artistic journey. Come create with us TODAY!

Current and Upcoming Events

Artist Tree Studio is building out a new dedicated studio space in my (Tiffany Rhodes) garage. It is going to be incredible! We met with the general contractor on July 28th, and they have agreed to begin work on the studio beginning any day now! On July 31st, we and our families demoed all remaining interior walls and cabinets to prepare a clean and empty canvas on which they can craft our new studio. We hope the studio will be completed before the first week of September, when our fall semester begins! But in the event the project takes longer than expected, we will be holding classes inside my home until it is ready. Once we have the walls up and AC installed we will invite all of our students to help us splatter paint the floor! We'll send out information about that once we have a date scheduled. Here are our plans for the studio space:

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Fall Art Registration is now OPEN! We have classes for kids Kindergarten through High School, and are now offering an Adult Watercolor class. Mixed Media classes will have the theme "Out of This World!" Students will use a variety of mediums including watercolor, pastel, marker, oil paint, acrylic paint, etc. to depict our space theme. The Advanced Print Making class will include silkscreen printing, Styrofoam prints, and other printing methods. In this class students will print on paper, t-shirts, bags, and more! They will have opportunities to sell their work and make a profit. Our elementary Drawing Class will focus on drawing skills like figure drawing, animal drawing, perspective drawing and more. All classes will feature work in our yearly Spring Art Show. Please let us know if you have any questions, and send us a message to start the registration process! LET'S GET CREATING!!!!

Fall Registration is OPEN!

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Art Studio Renovation Update! (August 2nd, 2022)